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Wednesday, February 15, 2012


First things first... Today is The Goddess ROC's 41st birthday. Pwaise Hestia!! Happy Birthday Renee O'Connor.

Next. It is Nirvana Day for those of Jain or Buddhist beliefs. I wish you a peaceful one.

Finally. I've said it before and I'll likely say it a great many more times ere I die, but - I f$%&inng HATE football... congrats to any AC Milan fans out there. We were pathetic and deserved to be crushed.

It's half-term this week. I hadn't realised. I had noticed the bus wasn't quite as full, and that some of the stops had nobody waiting, but the penny didn't drop. Until tea-break today. I wandered over to the edge of the site, to sit in a patch of sunlight while I drank my coffee and ate my crisps and I heard a little voice going, "Hello building lady. How are you??" There she was, little Barbie, leaning on the fence and watching us with interest.

She had one of her friends with her, a boy about a year older. I really must learn his name - word association and all that - I keep wanting to call him Ken. Since Kenneth, (like Malcolm, Lionel, or Edmund), isn't a name often found in anyone under 45, there's no way anybody wouldn't get the reference and that would not be kind.

I took the two paces necessary to reach her and said, "Hello, Barbara, I'm fine thanks, how are you??"

She turned to the boy and said, "See, I told you the building lady was my friend."

He sneered at her and said, "She's not your friend, she's just a grown-up being polite to a little kid." I decided that I didn't like the obnoxious little brat. Especially as Barbie looked as if she might cry. I hate bullies.

So I gathered up my courage, took my life in my hands, and said, "I am too her friend." (I nearly added, "So there, yah, boo, sucks." But remembered in time that I'm supposed to be an adult.)

He looked astonished but persevered. "You can't be, mister. You're a grown-up." (He'd obviously forgotten I was building lady.

I stood up as straight as I could, put on my fiercest expression and said, "Are you arguing with me little boy??" I scared the bejesus out of him. He simply shook his head - so fast I'm surprised it didn't fall off.

The look on Barbie's face was priceless. I thought her face would crack, her smile was so wide. She said, "Thank you, building lady."

I gave her my crisps. She thanked me again and skipped off.

I think I'm getting soft in my old age. I'll have to find some puppies to kick.

See you next week, goodnight and may your God/s go with you


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