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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Professor Plum, In The Kitchen, With a Saucepan

Today is the first day of Eid al Fitr - the festival marking the end of Ramadan. So for all our Muslim readers, we wish you Eid Mubarak - a blessed Eid.

Friday sees the start of the week-long Jain festival of Paryushana Parva. If we have any readers who are members of the Jain faith we also wish you a blessed festival.

Set the smoke alarms off again this evening.

I was given a kilo or so of plums today by an old boy who I sometimes help out, in his garden, with heavy digging. They were just a touch too ripe to eat but just perfect for stewing. Did I do the sensible thing and wait for my cousin to get home, so that she could safely tackle that highly dangerous piece of equipment - the stove.

Of course I didn't. Do I look that sensible?? Nope, I decided to handle this hazardous task myself. I figured that if I put them in the pan and then stood beside the hob, watching, not taking my eyes off them, they'd be fine.

Best laid plans and all that.

The phone rang. Some cold caller (in breach of the law because the phone is on the register and shouldn't get sales calls) trying to sell double-glazing. By the time I'd told him (politely) twice, then (rudely) once, and finally with a short, sharp, two-word, expression that starts and ends in the letter F, that we weren't interested, I'd kind of lost focus. And instead of going back into the kitchen I wandered into the lounge to see if there's was anything interesting on the news.

Two hours later I was sitting, checking email, wondering what I could smell, when the smoke alarm went off. That's when I remembered the plums.

They were now a blackened mass spot-welded to the bottom of a bit of carbonise metal that used to be a rather nice saucepan.

One day I'll learn to leave evil mechanisms like cookers and ovens well alone.

I was really looking forward to those plums as well.

Hope all of you who tangled with Irene are safe and well. See you next week. Goodnight and may your God/s go with you.


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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

On the Importance of Research

Regular readers may remember an incident, back in June, when I received a rude, obnoxious, nasty and factually inaccurate diatribe from a person I identified only as The Right Royal Wanker. And I was using wanker in its British, vulgar, sense and not its internet sense.

Well a funny thing happened a week or so ago. And I mean funny peculiar not funny ha-ha. I got a friend request on Facebook.

No, it isn't getting a request that's odd, it isn't that unusual. I'm not that unpopular. *g* Though I am rather fussy about accepting such things - if I don't know you, don't know how you know me, or think you're only adding me because I'm a friend of somebody else (maybe somebody a trifle more famous) that you've added without having a clue, then I'll ignore the request. I'm not interested in building up a list of 5,000 "friends" who I know nothing about.

No, what was funny about this particular friend request was that it came from the Right Royal Wanker.

Now, don't you think that if you'd written a nasty email to somebody you'd actually take the trouble to find out who it was you were being obnoxious to?? And that perhaps you might just check with the friend you were white-knighting for, (who used to be on my friends list but removed herself at that time), to see if they knew who it was you were insulting??

Actually I've watched about two-thirds of my friends list become "friends" with this person, so I reckon it is just a case of "I'm going to "friend" everybody that friends of my friend know".

But honestly, how much intelligence do you need to possess in order to check who somebody is - before asking to "friend" them - or for that matter to write really obnoxious emails to a perfect stranger.

I don't know - what's the world coming to.


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Monday, August 29, 2011


It's a light night. Have at it.


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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Slow Day

On our side of the country we had a beauty...sun with light breeze, perfect summer day in Seattle. Now unfortunately many folks on the other coast are having a nightmare day and here is hoping y'all are safe and sound.

We spent the day being slugs mixed with chores. In the end all that needed to get done was, so that makes it a good one.

I go back to work tomorrow as Tamara and the boys enjoy another week of summer. One nice piece is on Wednesday we all get to have fun at the Evergreen State Fair, so I do have something to look forward to.

Now off to your updates.

Peace, Health and Happiness and let the water recede quickly.


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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Happy Birthday, Cal!

Today Cal is 9 years old. We didn't do anything too spectacular since little e isn't here until Monday and his brother isn't here until Sunday. E and I gave him his presents (all were a hit). We went out for lunch.

Cal and I were supposed to make his birthday cake this afternoon but he ended up going over to a friend's house for the day. His friend's mom is having a baby shower/party and he didn't have any kids to keep him company. Luckily Cal was available.

I figure tomorrow we can make his birthday cake and blow out the candles. He's kind of ending up with a several day birthday anyway. Yesterday and this morning he celebrated at his dad's. Monday we're all going to his favorite Chinese restaurant for dinner. Then...after school starts he'll have a party with a few of his friends. Sometimes it's good to have two households.


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Friday, August 26, 2011


We have plenty and it feels good. Sending hope and luck to all those in the path of Irene.

Peace, Health and Happiness.


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Thursday, August 25, 2011

End of Summer

Two more weeks until school starts here. I took my student on his last outing today. The park I picked kind of sucked. But he's pretty easy and going to Half Price Books to purchase a couple of movies made the day a win.

I'm able to get into the school to feed the critters once again. A coworker loaned me his key, which I promptly put on my keychain. There's no way in hell I'm losing another key.

Next week we've got all three kids. That hasn't happened since July when my mother was here. We're planning on attending the Evergreen State Fair on Wednesday. It's a nice sized fair that offers a moderately priced armband that allows the kids to ride all the rides as many times as they want. Duncan will be bored and will complain while we visit the barns. I'm still making him go, however.


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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bloody Victorians.

It was Krisha Janmashtami on Monday. The celebration of the birth of the God Krishna. I'm a bit late but I hope all our Hindu readers had a good day.

No sign of my young friend this week, But then, the weather's been pretty poor. Very heavy rain showers today. Since the kids go back to school week-after-next I expect her mother carted her into the city to buy uniform/school equipment/new school shoes/etc.

Work ground to a halt today. We went to hack down some buddleia bushes (they'd been left until they stopped flowering - for the bees & butterflies - we're a nature-friendly company) and discovered several stands of Japanese Knot-weed in the middle of them. This invasive non-native plant is a nightmare for any developer, construction company, or builder. Clearing it in accordance with the regulations is either expensive, time-consuming, complicated, or a combination of all three.

After much discussion and phoning of the head office, Defra, and The Environment Agency, they decided to take the herbicide option. This means we evacuate the site, close it to the public, and get in a properly licensed chemicals operator to spray the stuff with a heavy-duty weed-killer (chosen from the approved list so that no lasting damage is done to the water-table, wildlife, or any other plant). The sprayer will be on-site tomorrow. We will be allowed back to work next Tuesday. Bang goes a week's pay.

This damn' plant is as much of a nuisance here in the UK as those cane toads are in Australia. If I could find the Victorian pillocks, who thought that introducing it into this country was a good idea, I'd kick them half-way to Japan and back again!! With steel-toed boots!!

As well, all part of life's rich tapestry. Or some such rot.

Have a good week folks. Goodnight and may your God/s go with you.


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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Femslashforfans Radio Hype

Allaine has a new show coming up on Thursday.
    Here with Jason Leaver, "Out With Dad" Writer/Director/Etc.

    Tonight on Femslash4Fans Radio we return to the world of Canadian webseries filmmakers, which we visited in February first with Rosemary Rowe ("Seeking Simone"), and then Regan Latimer and Rochelle Dancel ("BJ Fletcher: Private Eye"). This time we'll be talking with Jason Leaver, the director/editor/writer/ cinematographer . . . yeah, okay, I lost count of how many hats he wears. Suffice it to say he's the very busy creator of the series "Out With Dad", which deals with the familiar "coming out" story by looking at it from two perspectives - daughter Rose (Kate Conway), a high school student coming to grips with her sexuality, as well as the hostile reaction by her best friend Vanessa (Lindsey Middleton), and father Nathan (Will Conlon), a man who has raised his daughter alone since birth and now has to figure out what's the right way to deal with this. Coming off an award-winning first season, Season 2 premiered to great excitement in July 2011. I'll talk with Jason about what inspired this premise, how challenging it's been to make a webseries while shouldering much of the workload, whether he expected the critical response which OWD received, and what to expect in the future.

    Sincerely, Allaine
    Femslash4Fans Radio

Well, that saved me thinking of something to say tonight. Just as well as I'm running late. *g*. See you all tomorrow.


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Monday, August 22, 2011


Words from other, I like it!
Bedazzled Ink would like to congratulate Roberta Roberti, author of What No Meat? Traditional Italian Cooking the Vegetarian Way
(bedazzledink.com/books/rogue-books/what-no-meat/), for receiving a James Beard Foundation Scholarship. We already know she's a great chef, it's good to see the industry giving her the recognition she deserves.

Barbara L. Clanton brings us another great book in the Title IX series, Side Out--just in time for volleyball season.

Seventh grader Dina Jacobs feels like she's landed on another planet when her family moves from Long Island, New York to Indiana. She tries out for the seventh grade volleyball team, and her new friend, Christine, introduces her to Olympic volleyball. Now Dina dreams of playing in the Olympics like her newfound idol, Logan Tom. Indiana doesn't seem so bad after all until Dina's Jewish faith crashes against her coach's win-at-all-costs attitude. Miserable, Dina is torn between staying true to her religious customs or putting them aside to play the game she loves.

For ages 9 and up

The ebook editions of Side Out have already been served over the net, and the print edition will be out in a few weeks.

For more information and to read an excerpt visit:

Kindle US:

Kindle UK:

Kindle Germany:


Bedazzled Book Peddler:

The ebook edition will also be available through Kobo.



Thank you Claudia, come by anytime! Now back to the updates, enjoy!

Peace, Health and Happiness.


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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Weekend Closing

Monday will arrive far too soon. I am going to try and stay awake for at least 8 hours in a row. Has not happened in days, but we will give it a try. I sure will miss my nap though. Most likely come home and crash big time.

Decent weekend with lots of naps for me. I think kids had a good time at the parade and festival yesterday and currently are playing on the trampoline with the hose underneath it. Enjoying summer, that's what it's all about.

Enjoy your updates.

Peace, Health and Happiness.


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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Get to reading....

I'm pooped from a day of Celebrate Shoreline fun. Y'all enjoy the update.


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Friday, August 19, 2011

Weekend Time Again

Not that I would notice as I have missed most of this week being sick and sleeping it away. But hey, now I get to sleep and not feel guilty about it. And I even helped Tamara do the links tonight.

Here is hoping you all are doing well. Enjoy the updates.

Peace, Health and Happiness, go for what you can.


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Thursday, August 18, 2011


It's been a frustrating day for me. Mainly due to the fact that I lost the key to the school. I've been in charge of feeding the critters all summer. Not such a hardship since I had to go to the school in July for ESY (extended school year) and I've been heading that way twice a week for the month of August to take my student out and about. And all this time I've been really good about keeping track of that stinkin' key.

Today I loaded everything up in my car and realized I hadn't grabbed the key. I went inside and it wasn't in my purse so I assumed it must still be in the backpack from when I had it on Tuesday. Alas, it wasn't in the backpack. I was running late so I decided I'd feed the critters later after I found the key in the house. Sadly my wish wasn't granted.

I have looked everywhere and still no key. I even called the movie theater we went to on Tuesday hoping it had fallen out of my pocket. No luck. If nothing else this has taught me to put the damn key on my own keychain and just put that school keychain away for when I return the key.


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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

At Least It Wasn't The Good Ship Lollipop

First - our readers rock!! Seriously, you lot are bloody magic.After my grumble about not getting books returned no less than five of you emailed offering me a (free) copy of The Walls of Westernfort to replace mine. Thank you folks. That's damn' generous of you all. Restores my faith in humanity, that does.

Next - a site worth checking (I thought about listing all the fics individually but decided I needed to sleep at some point this month *g*) Femslash Ficathon 2011

I thought I'd been lucky. In fact I thought I was going to be lucky enough to escape completely. But no. The trip is over, the heady rush of freedom that the first few days of the summer hols brings has worn off. The kids are starting to get bored.

There I was, working away, just after morning tea-break, minding my own business when a small voice piped up from behind me, "Hello, miss, what's that?? What's it for??". You know that look on the face of the next victim, in a slasher film, when they realise they're trapped in the woods with the mad axeman - well, I know how they feel, my face had that same look.

I thought, "Why me?? There are six of us here, seven if you count the crane driver (he was 20 metres above us in his little cab, well safe from inquisitive kids). Why am I the only one who gets this??" I turned around and said, "It's a mini-digger. It's digging a trench for drainage pipes. Those ones." And I pointed to the nearby sections of pipe, laid ready to drop into the trench.

"What are they for, miss?/"

"See that muddy field down there - well that one and a lot more like it are going to be full of houses in a couple of years. But before we can start the houses we have to make sure the water, gas, electric, and sewer pipes are all in ready for them. These are the sewer pipes."

"They're awfully big, miss."

"Well yeah, there will be a lot of houses, they're going to have a lot of stuff to get rid of, they'll need big pipes to carry it all."

A moment of blessed silence while she thought about it. Then she realised the exact nature of the "stuff". "Ewwww." She stepped back a couple of paces.

"Great," I thought, got rid of her. Nope, wrong again. With the speed and manoeuvrability that only a child possesses in full, she switched tack.

"We had a play last term, before we broke up. I got to sing a song. I could sing it for you. Would you like me to? I'm a good singer. Mummy says so."

If you can imagine what a haddock would look like if you'd just dragged it from the ocean, set it in a chair and asked it to quote Shakespeare, you've probably got a good idea of what I looked like. Mouth hanging open, stunned expression, incapable of coherent speech (or thought). I think I said, "Erm, ah, um, er, ugh." Very articulate. Taking this as an indication of enthusiastic agreement she launched into song, at the top of her voice.

She went through the entire song without any variation in pitch, tone, or volume. The volume would have made a sergeant-major proud. The high-pitched shriek made me sound like a good singer - and I can't carry a tune in a bucket!! I'm not joking - those tones could bend metal. All I could say when she finished was, "Blimey!!"

Unfortunately she mistook that for admiration. She treated me to an encore. And another. I think the United Nations has rules prohibiting things like this, I'm sure they have some mention in their articles regarding torture by way of sound. I hated that song before she started. After her fourth rendition I was ready to kill the writers.

Just before lunch-time it started to rain heavily. I have never been so glad to be soaked in my life!! Her mother appeared - God only knows from where - clutching an umbrella. Given the evil her child had been subjecting me to for the previous 90 minutes I'm surprised there wasn't a flash of smoke and a smell of brimstone. She apologised, and told the child off. "You know you shouldn't bother the nice workers. I'm so sorry, I do hope she hasn't been any trouble."

I was horrified to hear myself reply, "Oh no, no bother at all. She's a nice kid."

I knew she was evil!! Not only did she subject me to the cruel and unusual punishment of bellowing the same song at me five times, she cast a spell and made me be polite!!

"Thank the nice lady, Barbie, and come and wash your hands for dinner."

Barbie?? Did she just call that poor kid Barbie?? No wonder the kid is evil and tortures me with songs. I'd be evil too, if I were called Barbie. I suddenly felt very sorry for her.

She drew herself up to her full height, (which wasn't particularly high) and said, "Mummy, I'm not Barbie, I'm Barbara." She sounded it out carefully. Bar-bar-rah. Then she turned to me an said, "Thank you." and then, "Goodbye."

I said, "Goodbye, Barbara." And she smiled a huge smile and skipped away in the rain.

And you know what?? I missed her.

Didn't miss that bloody song though. "It's a Hard Knock Life"!!

See you next week. Goodnight and may your God/s go with you.


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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Neither a Borrower nor a Lender Be...

For loan oft loses both itself and friend...

I wish I'd remember that quote when people ask to borrow books. The number of books I've lost because I was daft enough to lend them to an acquaintance. Most of the time I remember who I lent them to, even if they don't remember and can't find them, and I never see the book again - and consequently never see the acquaintance again either.

Unfortunately I can't for the life of me remember to whom I lent the book I wanted to re-read this week. I know somebody borrowed it. I even know when they borrowed it, (Christmas). But I haven't a clue who it was. Which is a right pain.

Because I was in an I-want-to-read-fantasy-novels mood last week. And because my friend Jane Fletcher was on my mind as I'd not long ago watched her get hitched. I decided to re-read The Wrong Trail Knife (re-published as Rangers at Roadsend) and then the next in chronological order The World Celaeno Chose (re-titled The Temple at Landfall when it was re-published for the US market).

I wanted to re-read the third one The Walls of Westernfort this week,, and then follow that up by re-reading Dynasty of Rogues.

That's when I remembered that I'd lent somebody The Walls of Westernfort and never got it back. Boy was I pissed off. Still am. I now have to buy another copy.

Mind you, at least it's only the first time I've had to do that for one of these books.

I've had to replace C J Cherryh's The Morgain Chronicles four times. And Modesty Blaise no less than six times!! You'd think I'd have learnt my lesson by now!!


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Monday, August 15, 2011

Yeah, I Am Late

It's still considered Monday here, but not for long. Enjoy the update even as late as it is. Yeah my fault again.

Peace, Health and Happiness.


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Sunday, August 14, 2011


I avoided doing my checkbook today and went to see a movie with E. I should have been stronger and resisted but that's mighty hard to do when faced with the prospect of reconciling your money. Crazy, Stupid, Love was a sweet and funny chick flick. Go see it if you get the chance.

I'll let you get to reading.


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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Hype Night

I always enjoy others words more than mine...take it away, Rev!
Come one come all (and that’s the way we like it) for the First Annual Cocktail Hour Writing Challenge. Are you over 18 years in age (mentality of a 5th grader is okay), have a knack for spinning a good tale? Want to talk about good tail? All you need to do is write a short story with a word count of no less than 10,000 and no more than 30,000. The catch is, and there is always a catch, you must use the phrases “Cocktail Hour” and “bearded clam” in the story. How much easier could it be? There will be a nominal prize as the owners of this here show have limited budgets. As usual Cocktail Hour has the final say, ownership, etc etc of any content posted on our show. Oh, and don’t forget to have your story looked at by a friend or two before submitting your work of art. All entries should be submitted in a Word or Pages document no later than midnight central standard time, October 15, 2011. Email entries to cocktailhour.show@gmail.com. So, what are you waiting for? Sharpen the pencil or open your word processing system and get busy! Your adoring public awaits!

What are you wating for? Enjoy!

Peace, Health and Happiness.


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Friday, August 12, 2011

A little light reading....

Light Friday...have at it.


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Thursday, August 11, 2011


Time for another nifty radio show announcement from Allaine....
Nowhere Woman - "South of Nowhere" Fanfic Author Clomle


On tonight's show, we'll finally be taking a closer look at one of the most popular canon lesbian pairings on television in the last decade - South of Nowhere. We've touched upon the program briefly in the past when writer/producer Nancylee Myatt and star Mandy Musgrave have been on, but this will be the first time where we've fully explored the drama, which aired on The N from 2005-2008. The groundbreaking television series, which targeted the youth demographic, was the first show to ever feature gay teens in the lead roles. For that reason, it was always controversial in how much (or how little) it showed from the romantic relationship between Spencer (Gabrielle Christian) and Ashley (Musgrave). Even though it's been off the air for three years, the show still has a rabid following, especially the "Spashley" fans, that agitates for its return to this day. It has also inspired copious amounts of fan fiction, and tonight we'll be talking to one of the most prolific Spashley authors. Fan favorite Clomle is known for both the large number of one-shots and multi-parters she has written, as well as their high quality. Her most popular - and longest - stories include "Precious Things", "Best For Her", and "Circles and Circles". We'll discuss the show, the pairing, the fanfic, and what the future may hold for "South of Nowhere".


Sincerely, Allaine
Femslash4Fans Radio

Check it out and enjoy your updates. Tomorrow is Friday and I think a lot of us look forward to that.

Peace, Health and Happiness. Here is hoping for 2 out of 3 at this point.


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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Too Tired to Think

I really am totally shattered. If my bother is worried tonight he's going to have to phone somebody else. I can't stay awake again. I don't need a lot of sleep but even I can't work a nine-hour day on only 2 hours sleep a night, four days running... He should be all right though. They've gone to stay at the in-laws in Halifax. It's quiet up there (so far).

Tired for another reason too. On my way home from work I had to stop off at my sister's house to bury her cat. (My sister can't dig). She (the cat, that is) had to be put to sleep this morning. She had a series of strokes yesterday which left her partly paralysed, and another in the night which left her completely paralysed. The vet said she wouldn't recover and it was the kindest thing to do.

My nephew is devastated. He's grown up with that cat. (She was 16). She wasn't really my sister's cat so much as my nephew's. Or rather he was her boy.

She would sleep on his bed. She'd follow him around. She would sit on my sister's lap, or look to be stroked by her - but only if my nephew wasn't around. I used to joke that she was his soul-mate. Poor lad. He's really going to miss her.

It's been a hell of a week.

Yesterday I meant to mention the date - but my anger at the rioters put it completely out of my mind). Yesterday was the 66th anniversary of the dropping of the Nagasaki bomb. The second bomb dropped in the world's first nuclear war. It needs to be remembered. If we ever stop remembering we might do it again.

See you next week. Stay safe. Goodnight and may your God/s go with you.


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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

London's Burning

Along with a dozen or so other towns. The world's gone mad.

And it has nothing to do with recession, unemployment, alienated youth, rebellion against authority, or that chap who was shot. It's a bunch of bored teens who think it's fun to chuck bricks at the police and set fire to buildings. They don't give a toss about their communities, they don't give a toss about the people - ordinary people, struggling to survive - who they've just made homeless. Whose entire life just burnt to a cinder. They don't care if they've endangered kids, or the elderly.

They're scum.

And they're also a lot of criminals - both young and older - who have the idea that they're entitled to whatever they want and are quite happy to smash up a shop and steal it - as long as they think they won't get caught.

People charged, for offences in connection with these riots, so far, include a graphic designer, a youth worker, a recent university graduate, a trainee stockbroker...

Like the twitter message said.. The Youth of the Middle East rise up for basic freedoms.The Youth of London rise up for a HD ready 42" Plasma TV.


I'm dog-tired. I spent the better part of Saturday and Sunday night on the phone talking to my youngest brother, trying to keep him from panicking, and trying to calm the fears of my (near-hysterical) young nieces. They live in Tottenham, you see. On the corner of a small side-street and the High Road. Very, very close to the CarpetRight shop.

Yeah. This CarpetRight shop.

And that's a large part of why I'm angry at the scum


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Monday, August 08, 2011

This one we'll email....

For me the worst thing about divorce is not being able to see my kids every day. I know it's the same for E. During the school year at least I get to see my kids every week day. E gets to go cold turkey every other week.

This summer Duncan and Cal were in Oklahoma or with me for the month of July. This meant that Mike should get them for most of the month of August. This week was going to be my second week of not seeing them but, as luck would have it, Cal called last night because he was missing me. Mike brought him over today to spend a few days. I'm very happy about this.

Duncan I'm content to leave playing his game in his cozy little room. I'm sure I could have convinced him to come over as well but he's 15 and I understand all about wanting to be left to your own devices.

Tomorrow Cal should have fun heading out and about with me and my student. I have a nice park with a beach picked out since I'm sure 'park' will be the preferred activity.

Finally...thank you to Ze for sending out last night's update today. E spaced it and so did I. Sometimes we get distracted by life (or Facebook). I know I was pretty darn dopey while doing the update because I had one of my infrequent bad allergy attacks yesterday. When I load up with allergy meds and don't knock myself out I get a little loopy.

Y'all enjoy the update.


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Farewell for now, but not forever!

Then Fill to Me the Parting Glass

The End is Nigh

Yikes...it's almost 2016!

Sunday Evening

Boxing Day

Happy Holidays!

Christmas Eve


Solsice - and Nearly Christmas!!!!!

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